As some of you might already know I moved to Avon CT back in 2015 ostensibly because I would then have a brother who lived just down the road that could help with here care from time to time but it didn’t quite work out as I originally had hoped it would. Anyway my mother who was a long time Chappaqua Drama Group fixture for decades playing both rehearsal piano and in the orchestra pit for The Boyfriend in 1965 which was the first musical the group would put on to many more productions throughout the years passed away from Covid encephalitis back in October of 2022 and I would soon fall into my own pile of medical troubles losing a long battle holding off my own Chronic Kidney Disease.

I went into Stage 5 (complete kidney failure) soon after her passing and ended up spending most of the month of March in UConn Dempsey Hospital getting treated for kidney failure and getting started on the long term treatment road of diaylsis. A life long friend of my mine Amy Meller (we went to  Kindergarten together at at the Kip Street School on Hardscrabble Road together back in 1961 & 1962) recognized the crash I was in and graciously organized a GoFundMe appealing to all my old Chappaqua School System classmates from my years at Roaring Brook, R.E. Bell and Horace Greeley and raised the funds that rescued me this past spring and into the summer.

Unfortunately those funds have dried up before my efforts and jumpstarting my career again have kicked in so I organized a GoFundMe that I hope will help get me through to the end of 2023 when I hope both my business life has become recharged and I have found another place to live.

You can visit my current GoFundMe page here:


And please read about my outreach towards getting my career back gear here:

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